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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

It takes one to make a difference

Greetings to allin time periods in America's history, we have been a nation that has come together in crisis. While the political debates go on as to the type and severity of crisis we are in. I believe we can all agree that the crisis that I speak of his ongoing crisis in America everyday crisis. I speak of is hunger and poverty throughout our nation and the world it is a scourge of the land that produces so much yet gives so little both to our nation and the world. Let me be understood that I had no way support the actions nor the goals of the occupy groups that have popped up all over for I do not believe a person unless in need in this nation. Has a right to live off the fruits of this land and not take part in the harvest. It has been said, both the written and verbal forms that a single act random kindness can change the world. I myself am lodging through this blog a request that those who read this blog perform at least once a week eight act of random kindness. I don't mean a random act of kindness you already do I've been a single act of random kindness that is new. That is not for your glorification. But God's glorification. Any act we do that leads us to look for approval as an act of self-glorification. However, a act done for the glorification of God is done at a much greater level of love that we ourselves cannot measure. It doesn't take much to do this, all you have to do is care enough about your brother who is down upon his luck a week's groceries to any man who has four children to feed and no way to feed them can seem like he has just received a bag of gold, I know because at one point of my life. I was there. Thanks be to God. He showed me a way out, Alice able to help others. As I was blessed. Like I said, this is not something that necessarily costs a lot of money you can go through your closets find old close that given to the church take provide warps and possibly even a suit for a job interview that can make a difference in one man's life. Or one woman's life. There are no dues to pay and there are no papers to sign. And no one's going to look over your shoulder to make sure that you're doing what you decide to do just be a person that could love and act for God's sake, rather than your ow Even a cold bottle of water can be a welcome gift to a homeless traveler through town. I only recommend that you do this in the area where people around not so they can see what you do but from for your safety. My goal is simple. If one act of random kindness can change the world and how much could 100 of us change the world how much change could we bring with 1000 people or even how much change to agree with 10,000 people. The change could be significant and it could be life altering for the poor in this nation and add us well as overseas. Many people fail to realize that many of the people most called bums out of the street are actually veterans of the US military. If you  because this is his work we might actually Fill a few seats in pews during mass, which would also be a great ask your friends, your neighbors to join along. There are already groups for me to the Northeast as well as Texas and the Midwest. The more people who will help by giving away old close Cold water maybe some groceries to a poor family will make a change in our nation and the world for good. If you're sitting back and read this and thinking I am not going to help some bum and I got mineand I don't share with nobody. Please don't join. This is meant for those who really want to do something for the less fortunate, but wish to do it for the love of God, not self. I ask you if you are starting a group to send me a comment with just your name and location, I will not post your name but I will speak off s group at your location. I leave this decisiois .
I have n to you if you. My plan or what I am planning to do as an act of random kindness. This week I have cleaned out my closet so we'll turn over usable old close to the church on Sunday. I have not scheduled activity the next two weeks but I will and I will be spending Christmas eve and Christmas day at the homeless shelter where I live. I realize has that step, many would not take like I said it could be a bottle water a week of groceries. It accomplishes the same thing. Jesus asked where were you and I was thirsty. Where were you when I was hungry. Where were you when I was naked and finally were you when I was in jail. This is a call to action for the betterment of the world and I ask you to join if you wish to help take this change. God bless you and keep you.

In Gods Love Lee

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